Meet the Maker: Adriana Lemus

Meet the Maker: Adriana Lemus

Adriana Lemus is the ceramic artist behind the signature pottery collections featured at each Nomada hotel. From latte mugs to decorative vases, Adriana lovingly refers to her creations as “functional art” - and they’re all handmade in small batches at her backyard studio in San Luis Obispo. 
Some pieces are wheel thrown and others are made by coil building and slab construction.
“A challenge as well a joy within my medium of ceramics is that it is truly a labor of love. The amount of time and energy that goes into creating one piece is all part of the process. When you buy handmade pottery, you hold a small piece of the artist – the energy of the artist is infused into their art.”
The Granada Collection

Oaxacan-inspired, wheel-thrown black clay. 

Adriana Lemus Ceramics x Granada Hotel & Bistro
The Skyview Collection

Wheel-thrown speckled stoneware and porcelain clay. 

Adriana Lemus Ceramics x Skyview Los Alamos
The Hotel Ynez Collection

Wheel-thrown terracotta red clay.  

Adriana Lemus Ceramics x Hotel Ynez
The Farmhouse Collection

Wheel-thrown, hand painted plates and vases. 

Adriana Lemus Ceramics x Farmhouse Paso 

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