from the creators of nomada hotel group

Nomada Deco is a curated collection of art, objects, and souvenirs from the open road.

Kimberly walker, creative director & partner

Kimberly spearheads the design + development for every Nomada project. She draws inspiration from the diverse landscapes, history, and culture of a destination and works directly with artisans globally and locally to bring her visions to life.


“The design journeys we embark on are rooted in history, fueled by curiosity, and traversed with artists and makers we meet along the way. Knowing the source, the materials, and the artisans has become an important part of our process.”  

Driven by a Passion for Travel

Whether it’s a mid-century motel or a storied saloon, Nomada Hotel Group revives once-forgotten properties into modern boutique hospitality experiences on California's Central Coast. The collection includes: Farmhouse Paso, Granada Hotel, Hotel Ynez, Nomada at Sea, and Skyview Los Alamos.