Signature Scents with a Sense of Place

Signature Scents with a Sense of Place

Like travel, fragrance is an immersive experience. It engages every sense, evokes memories –  invites interpretation, and leaves a lasting impression. That’s why, together with FableRune, we have created signature scents that allow the spirit of every Nomada experience to endure well beyond check-out.  
Handcrafted in small batches on the Central Coast, each formula was designed with the utmost care and intention, using natural ingredients and native botanicals derived from the local landscapes that our hotels are rooted in. 

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Yuzu & Heirloom Leaf 
Farmhouse, Paso Robles
Bright and earthy, Yuzu & Heirloom Leaf is a distillation of California wine country’s terroir,  where each morning’s thick marine layer hugs the fertile, rolling hills of rural Paso Robles. A beautiful balance that yields fragrant harvests of juicy sun-soaked citrus, garden-fresh herbs, and vine-ripened tomatoes.  
Copal & Rosewood
Granada Hotel, San Luis Obispo

An aroma inspired by the elegance of the Old World and the intimate nature of our most romantic hotel, Copal & Rosewood is rich and resplendent. Like a delicate dance, it weaves between the feminine and masculine - seducing the senses with enticing spice notes, woody warmth, and subtle sweetness from honey and tonka bean.
Yarrow & Santal
Hotel Ynez, Santa Ynez
Grounded yet ethereal, Yarrow & Santal is an essence that captures the sacred soul of Santa Ynez and Solvang – a crossroads where wanderlust meets hygge. With florals, sage, palo santo, and sandalwood, the bouquet is as rich as the vast country landscape. Like wildflowers wafting on a wayward valley breeze; worn leather warmed by a wood-fired stove; or the dewy air after rainfall.
Mandarin & Black Tea
Nomada at Sea, British Virgin Islands
Steeped in Mandarin & Black Tea, At Sea essence washes over the senses like lush blue Caribbean waters on a sunkissed shore. It’s a breath of ocean air, carrying whispers of marine minerals moored by mossy coastal woods.

Indica & Ambrette
River Lodge, Paso Robles
Embodying the Central Coast’s California-cool cowboy culture, Indica & Ambrette is strong and smoldering. While notes from kefir limes and pink peppercorn are crisp and clear, potent patchouli and cannabis leaves hang thick in the air. It’s a slow and steady burn - like warm sun on a leather saddle; or long nights under a neon moon.
Whetstone & Fig
Skyview, Los Alamos
 Like long days, slow nights, and the open road - Whetstone & Fig evokes an endless summer state of mind. Easy and breezy, the essence blends salted air, ripe figs, and sweetgrass - painting a picture of quintessential California, where saturated sunsets sink behind oak-covered golden hills into the Pacific just beyond.

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